Telescoping, pin-adjustable stabilizers to replace the original turnbuckle-style stabilizers

Old Turnbuckle Stabilizers
New Telescoping Stabilizers

The same tractor, with telescoping stabilizers custom made and installed. Instead of taking 5 minutes to adjust, it takes less than 20 seconds. The stabilizers in the photos above are just one example, and not indicative of how each set is built.

The tractor above, a Kubota B7100, originally came with turnbuckles. It can take 4 or 5 minutes to loosen the locknut and adjust the stabilizers.

Many old and new tractors came with turnbuckle or chain stabilizers. These are slow, awkward, and sometimes difficult or impossible to adjust. They rust, strip threads, or break. They also only hold when the load pulls on the stabilizer - the opposite side does nothing to stabilize the implement. When using telescoping stabilizers, it only takes seconds to adjust or remove the implement, there are no threads to strip or rust, and both stabilizers hold the load, due to the rigid mount.

My name is Mark Hodge. I purchased a used Kubota B7100, and one of the few things that I wanted to change were the turnbuckles. I did not like how long it took to change an implement, or the fact that I had to keep a wrench to tighten the locknut. I searched on the internet for telescoping stabilizers, but couldn't find any. So, I built a set for myself. I revised the design as I used them on my tractor, and eventually came up with a basic design that could be easily adapted to fit other tractors. I build two sizes, because of the physical limitations of some tractors, as well as the need for stronger stabilizers on larger tractors. So, I typically build a small set for tractors up to around 20 horsepower, and a large set for tractors from 20 horsepower up to 35 horsepower.

Call or email me with your type and model of tractor, and we can discuss your needs and prices. I am not a high production operation, but a custom, one set at-a-time operation. It can take a couple of days to a couple of weeks to deliver your order, depending on your demand. - I can ship to all 50 states for a very fair shipping rate. International sales welcome!